More to be Disgusted About – Wake up America

Ok, let’s keep in mind that an investigation is “pending”.  Riiiight.  Abuse or neglect.  Either way it disgusts me, and it embarrasses me being in the Air Force that this keeps happening.

What angers me even more is this Ralph Monson jerk’s statement to the press.  So cold and heartless:  “As military members, our airmen understand that they can and will be called to serve in deployed locations around the globe at any time, leaving their family members behind in the care of a spouse, relative or other designated persons,” Monson said in a statement. “It is every airman’s responsibility to ease that strain by being as prepared as possible.”

Are kids just becoming toys for adults?  Just…things?  Really?  How can we really not care anymore?

Someone left a comment on that article saying we need to start hearing about punishments…so that’s what I am going to do.  I want people to email me about the punishments jerks like this receive.  If Fox and CNN and the networks don’t want to follow up on the stories…I WILL!  So when you hear that some random jerk got jail time or got left off for a crime…let me know.  It’s time we as Americans start seeing, AND DEMANDING, that justice is being done to the scum of the earth.


About drackore

In the US Air Force, married with a son....a wonderful family. Caucasian, Heterosexual, Christian, and Republican. That automatically makes me an "evil person" for 99% of the people in America today.
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