More Bullies in the News: This time it’s ADULTS!

Wow.  I am seething with anger over this one.  An adult, married couple took out their frustrations with their elderly neighbor by doctoring photos of her dying 7-yr old granddaughter and posted them on Facebook.  Not enough?  They also painted their truck with taunts and even provided a coffin for their own sick, twisted way of retaliation.

And this country wants to sit back and allow this kind of behavior to continue?  It’s bad enough we have bully problems with children, but adults?

If you search it through Detroit’s FoxNews, you will see a video where they apologize.  Talk about the most unfelt and insincere apology I have ever heard.  It sound more like a little kid being told to apologize or they’ll get punished then an enlightened apology for realizing what they did was just sick and disgusting.  Hubby was suspended from his job.  Boss might want to make that permanant.  The only way to get these creeps away from that little girl is for the bank to foreclose.

There isn’t enough suffering in the creation of mankind for these degenerates.   I think I would feel a little bit of joy if they suffered some random accident that left them disfigured and/or crippled.  One can dream of such justice.


About drackore

In the US Air Force, married with a son....a wonderful family. Caucasian, Heterosexual, Christian, and Republican. That automatically makes me an "evil person" for 99% of the people in America today.
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