Bullies Be Gone!

It’s time that we as Americans start to realize that WE AMERICANS have let our country sink.  It’s in the toilet folks, and it’s not even a floater.  We’re at the bottom, and we continually find ways to keep it there.  Morally, ethically, respectfully – we’re deficient.

We took religion out of schools because it taught only one religion with taxpayer dollars.  I am not AGAINST this.  What I am against is that we didn’t replace the good lessons taught through religion into another class.  We taught the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  We took out the Commandments.  We took out teaching about consequences for your actions (ie: sins).  Kids have nothing to fear these days.  We use the threat of police and arrest to try…then we let them play video games like Grand Theft Auto.  Talk about your contradictions.

In Mentor, Oh..near my hometown of Cleveland, a recent article appeared nationwide about how one high school is dealing with three suicides and an overdose death (could be suicide but motive is unsure) because these four unfortunate kids were the victims of systematic, constant, consistent, and UNRESTRAINED bullying.

One word:  DISGUSTING!

How it got to that point is obvious…read my first paragraph.  We allow lazy parents to make the schools raise the children.  The same lazy and ignorant parents then took authority out of the hands of teachers.  THEN we allow teacher unions to dictate what they will and will not do.  Finally, the death blow:  We give kids the exact same freedoms and rights as adults under the Constitution.

We decide that you can die for your country at 18 yrs old but can’t drink until you are 21, yet we give kids the “rights to privacy” and “freedom of expression” when they can’t even vote?  There’s that major contradiction again.

Anyways, back to the point.  Let’s look at little Billy.  Billy is in the 2nd grade at a new school.  He’s nervous and scared as most kids are.  He wants to make friends.  Billy is a good kid but comes from a family that is typical middle-class, lives check to check, and can’t afford the brand names.  So Billy gets to school on his first day and a 5th grader sees him and decides he’s going to pick on him.  Billy walks by and the 5th grader knocks the books out of Billy’s arms.  “Pick them up loser”, says the fifth grader.  Billy decides to stand up for himself and either yells back or shoves the 5th grader.  A teacher sees this and gets involved, only to berate Billy for the confrontation.  Not being paid much and not really caring too much because she hates her job and most of the undisciplined, bratty kids…she doesn’t want to hear or concern herself with Billy’s side of the story.  Thus begins the lifestyle of being a victim.  Billy has now learned that standing up for yourself gets you in trouble.  Perhaps you want this scenario to end differently.  The teacher sees and hears the 5th grader knock the books and call him a loser.  The teacher says “Stop that” and continues on her business.  Billy sees that he’s not that important for better intervention and the bully, who tested a boundary and won, now feels empowered to test further boundaries.

And so it begins.  The victim doesn’t stand their ground anymore and are reclined to a life of “taking it”, “sucking it up”, and “dealing with it”.  The bullies are empowered with adult inaction and apathy and will push further, and harder.

It’s time parents take their kids cries for help seriously.  It’s time we empower the VICTIM.  It’s time we hold teachers and schools not only responsible but accountable.  It’s time we tell our kids, once again, that it’s ok to fight back…it’s ok to defend yourself, and it’s NEVER ok for anyone to torture you.  The United States signed a treaty and made it a law that we would take our nastiest, meanest enemies and treat them with respect and dignity.  It’s time we do that for our own.

I will speak more on this later.  Let this stew and stir with you.  Let’s slap America across the face and wake it the ‘f’ up.


About drackore

In the US Air Force, married with a son....a wonderful family. Caucasian, Heterosexual, Christian, and Republican. That automatically makes me an "evil person" for 99% of the people in America today.
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